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        Core Code of Conduct

          "Ten Principles" advocated by SINOSICO

          I. Adhering to the right path and operating with integrity is the basic premise for all actions.

          II. Make innovation a way of thinking, working method, and survival mode.

          III. Adhere to three orientations: goal orientation, problem orientation, and result orientation.

          IV. Talents who can work hard, manage well, and provide professional guidance should be valued.

          V. Mobilize all positive factors and unite all available forces to promote development.

          VI. Have full confidence in the future development of SINOSICO, if there is no confidence, please step down.

          VII. Do your work in a clean and honest manner, live your life with integrity, do what you're supposed to do, and earn the money that's rightfully yours.

          VIII. Uphold bottom-line thinking and red-line consciousness.

          IX. Taking the initiative to remedy shortcomings is better than achieving high scores in evaluations

          X. Simplify complex problems and explain a significant issue within 600 words.

          "Ten Concepts" opposed by SINOSICO

          I. Oppose the performance of blindly obeying orders and wasting time.

          II. Oppose making promises without careful consideration and delivering unsatisfactory results.

          III. Oppose small circles, small factions, improper behavior, and pulling strings.

          IV. Oppose formalism where reporting, seeking approval, and signing documents are seen as completing or doing a good job.

          V. Oppose inaction where tasks are completed through "forwarding, sending, summarizing, and submitting".

          VI. Oppose impatience, procrastination, mediocrity, and being too easy-going.

          VII. Oppose taking shortcuts and prioritizing short-term gains over long-term benefits.

          VIII. Oppose excessive paperwork and red tape.

          IX. Oppose blindly following suit, acting impulsively, and reckless innovation.

          X. Oppose complaining and spreading negative vibes which may affect the organizational atmosphere.

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