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        Cultural Concept

          I. Strategic Positioning

          Upholding a new development concept, SINOSICO focuses on high-end silicon-based materials required for the development of the integrated circuit, optical communication, and new energy industries, and gradually extends its business to related technical fields, thus building a forward-looking innovation center of basic materials in China and becoming a world-class developer of advanced basic materials.

          II. Mission: Assume National Responsibility and Promote Development in Basic Materials

          Bearing in mind the overall strategy of socialist modernization, SINOSICO assumes its responsibility as a central enterprise, consciously integrates its development into the cause of national rejuvenation, and shares weal and woe with the motherland.

          Relying on the profound history of the company, ?SINOSICO has proceeded from the needs of national development to address the "bottleneck" technologies facing China and revitalize China's basic material industry.

          III. Responsibilities

          Empower Customers

          1. Carry out continuous and dynamic customer identification, so as to stabilize and continuously expand the customer base;

          2. Dynamically identify customer needs to ensure that the product and service quality is always up to standard;

          3. Grasp the market trend, adhere to integrity and win-win results, dynamically adjust marketing strategies, and deeply integrate into customers' supply chain systems;

          4. Grasp the changing needs implied in the customer development strategy, dynamically adjust the company's innovative development planning, and help customers bring their strategic development vision into reality.

          Reward Shareholders

          1. Practice the new development concept, promote the transformation and upgrading of the enterprise, and pursue a virtuous circle of high-quality development;

          2. Seek stable operation and continuous profitability to ensure the return on investment of shareholders;

          3. Make long-term planning, pursue sustainability, optimization, enhancement, and expansion, and create lasting benefits for the enterprise and shareholders.

          Cherish Employees

          1. Adhere to the people-oriented approach and create a positive, open, inclusive, harmonious, and friendly working environment;

          2. Optimize job responsibilities, standardize workflow, and continuously improve work efficiency;

          3. Strengthen the skill training of employees and make every effort to improve their professional competence and skills;

          4. Continuously optimize the incentive and restraint mechanism and build a fair and impartial salary system;

          5. Improve the income level of employees and make them benefit from the development of the enterprise.

          IV. Corporate Spirit

          Without Wasting One Day, Without Being Lazy for One Day

          "Without Wasting One Day" means we should never put off till tomorrow what can be done today;

          "Without Being Lazy for One Day" means we should work hard today, tomorrow, and every day.

          This corporate spirit reflects the excellent quality of all SINOSICO employees, who are productive, industrious, and enterprising.?They work diligently, concentrate on their duties, and struggle for SINOSICO's undertaking unremittingly.

          V. Core Values

          Integrity: Live up to the responsibility, stay upright and straightforward, keep promises, and perform duties honestly

          Innovation: Promote fine tradition and take on new perspectives, keep learning, be tolerant of failures, and seek continuous improvement

          Win-win results: Be open-minded, collaborative, willing to share, and dedicated

          Gratefulness: Adhere to equality and decency, be thankful for the organization, reward stakeholders, and give back to nature

          VI. Business Philosophy

          Refine through science and technology, pursue excellence with purity

          Science and technology provide the impetus for the development of advanced basic materials. SINOSICO pools industry elites to build a foundation with independent R&D and make breakthroughs with a hybrid innovation model. Inheriting craftsmanship, it pursues excellence and wins customer trust with superior products and services, aiming to become an industry pioneer and pacesetter.

          SINOSICO is committed to refining its brand with integrity and quality, thus gaining widespread trust and support and attaining long-term development.

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