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        Expand the company's market space, seize development opportunities,and support the company's high-quality development
        來源: 作者:中硅高科管理員 發布時間:2023年06月13日 瀏覽:
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          At the beginning of 2023, Zhang Hewen, Chairman of China Silicon Corporation Ltd., along with Wan Ye, Vice Chairman and General Manager, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee, Zhao Xiong, Vice General Manager, and the marketing team, visited customers in Shanghai, Hangzhou, Lishui, and other locations. The purpose of these visits was to expand the company's market space, seize development opportunities, promote market development, deepen customer relationships, and support the company's high-quality development.

          With the mindset of being "grateful to old customers, and expanding new markets," Chairman Zhang Hewen led a team to visit customers such as Wafer Works Epitaxial Corp in Shanghai and Jin Ray in Zhejiang. During the visit and exchange, the team gained a better understanding of customers' product needs and worked to improve the quality of market services.

          During the visit to Wafer Works Epitaxial Corp, the team clarified the scope of cooperation and the strategic direction of future collaboration. Wafer Works Epitaxial Corp was awarded the annual "Outstanding Supplier" medal in recognition of its contributions as a key supplier.

          While visiting Jin Ray, the customers expressed their high approval of China Silicon Corporation Ltd.'s stable product quality, timely delivery, and efficient after-sales service. The two parties engaged in extensive discussions regarding future diversified cooperation opportunities.


          Wan Ye, Vice Chairman, General Manager and Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of the Company, led a team to visit Shanghai ZINGSEMI, Linde LienHwa, CCMC and other customers successively. The team held in-depth discussions and exchanged views on industry development strategies, product innovation, and other related topics. They reached a consensus on long-term cooperation.

          The visit was a testament to the company's adherence to the market philosophy of "customer-centricity" through practical action. This visit reinforced the company's commitment to continually improving product quality and innovating product types, while also strengthening customer stickiness.

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