FAQ: How To Encourage Parents With K-12 Online Learning?

How do you involve parents in online learning?

Engaging Families in Distance Learning

  1. Design lesson plans that are easy to complete at home. Parents appreciate independent work that doesn’t require supervision.
  2. Be flexible with activities.
  3. Streamline communication and offer clear expectations.
  4. Don’t expect caregivers to become teachers.

How can I engage my parents online?

  1. Include families in a Social-Emotional Lesson.
  2. Do a Weekly “Get to Know a Family” feature in which families can share digital copies of baby photos or family photos.
  3. Play the FREE online Bingo to review key vocabulary or the week’s lessons.
  4. Create a memory book for students.

How do you encourage online learning?

How To Encourage Online Learner Reflection In eLearning

  1. Incorporate Online Group Collaboration Projects.
  2. Post Thought-Provoking Questions.
  3. Encourage Learner-Generated eLearning Blogs.
  4. Use Mind Maps.
  5. Include Self-Assessments.
  6. Ask Online Learners To Summarize Their eLearning Experience.
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How can we engage parents in distance learning?

Engaging Families During Distance Learning

  • Introduce students and families to the classroom and school.
  • Share photos and video messages to introduce school leaders and support staff.
  • Take time to educate families on how they can best support learning.
  • Value input from parents to inform teaching and learning.
  • Find ways to cultivate relationships.

What do parents think about online learning?

Parents are overall supportive of virtual schooling, with 76 percent saying they are likely to support more online education at home, even after the threat of COVID-19 has passed.

How do online platforms help you as a student your family and the community?

Answer: Online learning platforms allow all of those things as well as provide a tool for students and teachers to keep a record of progress made. Essentially, they allow learners to have more ownership of their learning which helps them learn better.

How do I engage with my parents?

Focus efforts to engage families on developing trusting and respectful relationships. Embrace a philosophy of partnership and be willing to share power with families. Make sure that parents and school staff understand that the responsibility for children’s educational development is a collaborative enterprise.

How do you engage with your family?

Ideas for Engaging Families

  1. Try different ways to communicate with family members.
  2. Acknowledge that most families are very busy.
  3. Initiate communication with families for positive reasons.
  4. Ask parents to be a part of classroom activities that don’t involve a lot of preparation.
  5. Engage families in culturally relevant activities.

How can parents get involved in their children’s education using technology?

Many schools employ digital means such as Facebook, email lists, or websites; some also establish their own social networking site, through which they can create groups and connect parents, share learning materials, and post updates about events (Kaplan & Haenlein, 2010; Olmstead, 2013).

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How do you motivate students to learn?

Here are some strategies that can be used in the classroom to help motivate students:

  1. Promote growth mindset over fixed mindset.
  2. Develop meaningful and respectful relationships with your students.
  3. Grow a community of learners in your classroom.
  4. Establish high expectations and establish clear goals.
  5. Be inspirational.

How do you engage students on Zoom?

Utilizing Zoom Features By repeatedly sharing the lineup of the queue, students can feel less anxious about when they will be called on, and allow them to rehearse their responses leading up to their turn. For the brave teachers out there, break out rooms can also be a great way to help engage students.

How do you encourage students?

Motivating Students

  1. Encourage Students. Students look to teachers for approval and positive reinforcement, and are more likely to be enthusiastic about learning if they feel their work is recognized and valued.
  2. Get Them Involved.
  3. Offer Incentives.
  4. Get Creative.
  5. Draw Connections to Real Life.

What are the role of parents in distance learning?

In a distance learning approach, parents would have to play an active role in the learning process. They would be the one to facilitate and guide their children through the modular lessons that would be sent to students while doing remote learning. Parents are partners of teachers in education.

How are parents feeling about distance learning?

And according to a Pew Research Center study released in October, 68 percent of parents whose kids are learning online reported being concerned about their children falling behind, 12 percentage points more than parents whose kids are learning in person.

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How can parents support learning at home?

10 Tips for Parents

  1. Set up a daily family routine, including healthy eating and sleeping habits.
  2. Provide a place and time at home for homework.
  3. Check on assignments, homework and projects.
  4. Talk each day with your child about his/her activities.
  5. Promote literacy by reading to your child and by reading yourself.

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