Quick Answer: How Do I Sign In To Imagine Learning Online?

How do I access Imagine learning?

Option 1: Login Directly to Imagine Learning (login. imaginelearning.com ): Generate Log In Cards for a single student or an entire class OR provide a Family Letter for Imagine Language & Literacy or Imagine Español and insert each student’s credentials and your Site Code at the bottom of the letter.

What is the site code for Imagine learning?

Your Site Code is usually the first seven digits of your school or district’s NCES number (see About Site Codes for more information). If you can’t find your school’s NCES number, or if the NCES number listed seems incorrect, contact Imagine Learning Customer Care for help.

Is Imagine learning free?

Fun Educational Videos for Kids Keep your children entertained AND educated while they are outside the classroom with hundreds of hours of educational videos on the Imagine Learning YouTube channel. Click the button below to subscribe to our channel—it’s FREE!

Does Imagine learning have an app?

Imagine Learning Student. Students can get access to Imagine Español® and Imagine Language & Literacy® through the Imagine Learning Student app. The Imagine Learning Student app harnesses the power of technology to teach language and literacy to students around the world through engaging, interactive instruction.

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How much is imagine learning?

Imagine Learning prices vary according to different subjects. The math courses are priced at $50/year, per student. The literary courses are priced at $150/year, per student.

How does imagine learning work?

Imagine Learning uses a variety of assessment questions and personalized feedback to teach students. Games and activities include multiple choice, fill in the blank, and written response activities. Students can record and listen to themselves reading aloud. All activities take grade level into account.

What is the site code for Imagine math facts?

With Imagine Math Facts, students can log in at home and continue working on improving their math skills outside of school. Password Site Code Username Go to mathfacts.imaginelearning.com Download the Imagine Math Facts app from the App Store.

Who made imagine learning?

Susan Preator, founder and Executive Chairman said, “ Imagine Learning will continue producing the best language and literacy program for elementary students available. Our mission is to change lives and open doors of opportunity for children everywhere.

What is the site code?

Site code is a unique identifier of site records in the Common database of designated areas (CDDA) which is annually updated in one of the EEA’s priority dataflows. The countries then assign the codes to their new national sites during the update of the CDDA data.

How many levels are there in Imagine learning?

Following the adaptive benchmark tests, students are classified into one of (5) performance levels. Advanced: These students exhibit advanced performance when tested on grade- level skills and concepts. Teachers should consider adjusting the pathways of these students to a higher grade level.

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Is Imagine learning good?

Research indicates that Imagine Language & Literacy has a positive effect for literacy development among English language learners in grades K-5, for all students in grades K and 1, and for struggling readers in grades 2 and 3 (Cassidy, Smith, and Thomas, 2017; Elliot, S. 2014; Hobbs, 2016; Hobbs 2017).

What is Imagine learning literacy?

Imagine Language & Literacy is an adaptive learning solution that accelerates reading and language proficiency for students in grades PreK–6.

Does imagine math have an app?

Imagine Math supports 7” devices (e.g. Kindle Fire) in landscape configuration and 10” or larger devices (e.g. iPad) in both landscape and portrait configurations. The application is delivered through the browser without requiring a separate app download.

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