Quick Answer: How Hard Is Apex Learning Online History?

Is Apex Learning accredited?

Headquartered in Seattle, Apex Learning is accredited by AdvancED.

Is Apex Learning self paced?

Courses are self – paced, and students may work ahead of schedule to complete a course.

Who owns Apex Learning?

May 2, 2017. APEX LEARNING, a provider of online courses for middle- and high-school students, has been acquired by private equity firm, Education Growth Partners. Terms of the deal were not disclosed.

What is a passing grade on Apex?

GRADES / TESTS APEX is a Mastery-based System. You must show successful completion at each step in the course in order to move forward. 60% is the minimum score on all assignments to move forward in APEX. 60% is the minimum OVERALL passing score to earn credit.

How much does Apex Learning cost?

Subscriptions to Comprehensive Courses begin at $250 per subscription. Subscriptions to AP Exam Review begin at $25 per subscription. Access to Comprehensive Courses with instruction provided by a highly qualified subject-certified Apex Learning online teacher is available at $300 per semester course enrollment.

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Where is Apex Learning located?

Apex Learning Inc. is located in Seattle, WA, United States and is part of the Education & Training Services Industry.

Can Apex Learning detect cheating?

In order to maintain academic integrity, Apex Learning Virtual School requires that all work be entirely the result of one’s own effort. Plagiarism, cheating, or other forms of academic dishonesty will not be tolerated and teachers will not accept work that is copied or plagiarized.

Can you do Apex Learning on your phone?

Core. In App Design, students learn how to create a real mobile app that can be played on both Apple® and Android ® mobile devices. If they need any help along the way with their coursework or projects, students can reach out to experts for support by e-mail, chat, or phone.

How can we improve virtual learning?

Evidence-Backed Ways Parents Can Think Like a Teacher to Improve Virtual Learning

  1. Create the best space possible. Abigail Amoako Kayser, Ph.
  2. Establish rules and goals.
  3. Rely on routines and systems to get and stay organized.
  4. Make work meaningful.
  5. Focus on relationships.

Who invented school?

Credit for our modern version of the school system usually goes to Horace Mann. When he became Secretary of Education in Massachusetts in 1837, he set forth his vision for a system of professional teachers who would teach students an organized curriculum of basic content.

What does apex stand for in school?


Acronym Definition
APEX Academic and Professional Excellence (various schools)
APEX Association of Professional Executives of the Public Service of Canada (l’Association Professionelle des Cadres de la Fonction Publique du Canada)
APEX Advance Purchase Excursion Fare (Airline Lingo)
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What is Apex in high school?

APEX Academy is a competency-based school, where student skill acquisition is the priority. Here students take assessments to gauge their progress of mastering the rigorous curriculum. Review a given topic, as many times until they understand the material.

How do I check my apex grade?

Page 1

  2. Go to www.apexvs.com 2.
  3. Once logged in, click on your student’s percentage grade.
  4. percentage grade displayed, it means that the student has not done any work in their APEX class.
  5. Clicking on the percentage grade will open your student’s progress report.

How do you retake a quiz on Apex?

To retake a CST the student must contact their assigned Apex teacher. The student and teacher will develop a learning plan that must be completed prior to reopening the test. Cell phones or other devices should not be used to answer quiz or test questions.

What is Apex credit recovery?

Course Description: The Credit Recovery Program is a standards-based digital curriculum designed to provide extensive support for students in credit recovery in math, science, social science, English, Spanish, French, and select elective classes.

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