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How do I contact Relias learning?

If you don’t find your invitation there, email us at webinars@ and we’ll be happy to help.

Does Relias count as CEU?

Does that mean Relias, LLC is not a CE provider in my state? Relias, LLC is accredited as an approved provider of continuing education credit for many national accrediting organizations.

How long is Relias training?

Forty hours of interactive online training, developed by ABA experts, that follow the BACB’s RBT Task List.

What does Relias learning do?

Relias is committed to helping your organization get better through training, performance, and talent solutions that address your specific areas of focus. Relias helps healthcare leaders, human service providers, and their staff take better care of people, lower costs, reduce risk, and achieve better results.

How do I reset my Relias learning password?

How to Reset your Password

  1. Navigate to your organization’s unique Relias website.
  2. Once you are on your organization’s Relias login page, click the “forgot your password ” option.
  3. Once you enter in your information, an automatic email will be sent to your email address containing a security code.

Do CE credits expire?

For some professions, yes. CE expiration dates vary by licensing board. If an expiration date is not specifically listed for your profession, please contact your board directly to learn about its rules regarding CE credit expiration.

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What Relias means?

A user from Nigeria says the name Relias is of Hausa origin and means “Moral”. A submission from Georgia, U.S. says the name Relias means “Good”.

How much does Relias training cost?

Relias LMS Pricing – why 5.4/10?

ITQlick Score: 80/100
Ranking: Ranked 125 out of 523 LMS systems
Company: Relias Learning
Pricing: starts at $25 per license
Typical customers: Small, medium and large size businesses

How do I train to be a RBT?

To become an RBT ®, eligible candidates must:

  1. Be at least 18 years old.
  2. Hold a high school diploma or the equivalent.
  3. Complete at least 40 hours of training.
  4. Pass a criminal background check.
  5. Pass the RBT ® Competency Assessment.
  6. Pass the RBT ® exam.

Where is Relias located?

Based in Morrisville, NC, Relias ‘ worldwide headquarters houses our centralized operations and leadership team.

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