What Is A Portal In Online Learning?

How do you make an e learning portal?

How To Easily Create eLearning Courses

  1. Choose an authoring tool that is right for you.
  2. Research your eLearning audience and subject matter beforehand.
  3. Create an eLearning template or use an existing one.
  4. Choose a cloud-based learning management system.
  5. Use links to add multimedia and resources.

What is DepEd portal?

This portal is designed to provide you with access to quality learning and teaching resources such as Learning Material, Lesson Plan, Learning Guide, Learning Module and Full course that are aligned with K to 12 curriculum. These can be used as primary bases or as supplement to teaching and learning processes.

What is the use of DepEd portals?

It functions as a clearinghouse. That is, it provides information about the location of resources (hardcopy and softcopy) and allows users of the system to access directly digitized versions of resources that are published and stored within the LR Portal repository.

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How can the two DepEd portals respond to your LR needs and those of your learners?

Answer: Given the LDM adopted in my School, the two DepEd portals can respond to my LR needs and those of my learners by providing as different learning resources that we can use to continue the study of the pupils at home.

How do I make scorm content?

3 Best Ways to Create a SCORM Content Package

  1. Use authoring tools to deliver appealing content. First of all, let’s discuss what software you trust for shaping up your courses.
  2. Use a converter to turn your deck into a SCORM archive.
  3. Do some heavy lifting and generate the package on your own.

What are the methods of e-learning?

Synchronous and Asynchronous Learning

  • Self -study.
  • Video/ audio tape: This is the second most common method to create demo video to train the learners.
  • CBTs and WBTs.
  • Blended eLearning /Instructor-led (ILT).
  • Mobile Learning.
  • Social Learning.
  • Simulation.
  • Game-based learning.

What are examples of learning resources?

Learning resources might include any of the following:

  • Textbooks.
  • Software.
  • Relevant reading materials.
  • Videos.
  • Recordings.

How do you choose appropriate learning resources?

Selecting teaching resources that meet student needs: a guide

  1. Follow the official guidelines.
  2. Ask your teacher-librarian.
  3. Use data for resource selection.
  4. Think outside the box for subject-specific tools.
  5. State and territory education authority guidelines.
  6. Your teaching resource selection checklist.

How do I get a DepEd email?

How to register and get your official DepEd email account

  1. Head over to depedverify.appspot.com/verify.
  2. Fill in the form with accurate information of your Tax Identification Number (TIN); First Name, Middle Name, and Last Name; and Date of Birth.
  3. After successful registration, you will be automatically redirected to the Login page.
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What is the importance of learning resources?

Effective usage of proper learning resources help the students to construct more than superficial knowledge that is building in depth knowledge on a particular subject and also developing their individual learning strategies, values, attitudes and generic skills.

What is Quipper school Philippines?

Quipper is an education technology company that provides e-Learning, coaching, tutoring, and assessment services for K-12 in Japan, Indonesia, the Philippines, and Mexico. The company’s primary service is an online learning management system (LMS), which is used in different ways in each country where it operates.

What resources should you have in order to implement the LDM?

Based on the map, what resources should you have in order to implement the LDM adopted by your School/Division? Answer:- Our school implement Modular Distance Learning (MDL) so in order to achieve this LDM we need to have printed Self Learning Modules (SLM). This SLM will be distributed to the learners.

What is learning delivery modalities in the new normal?

This refers to a modality where learning takes place between the teacher and the learners who are geographically remote from each other during instruction. This modality has three types, namely: Modular Distance Learning, Online Distance Learning, and Television/Radio-Based Instruction.

How will your portfolio help you in tracking the progress?

Portfolio assessment enables students to reflect their real performance, to show their weak and strong domain and to observe student’s progress during the learning process, and encourages students to take responsibilities for their own learning.

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